Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where is the burden??!!

Jesus says in Luke 13:34 o Jerusalem, Jerusalem... how I have wanted to gather you as a hen gathers her chicks but you were not willing. This is a point in the life of our Lord here in the earth, when He yearned over the lost of Israel. Have you ever found yourself yearning for someone who is lost? Have you ever experienced a deep desire for someone you know or maybe not know to come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?? What could the church accomplish if we had this attitude, this deep yearning for the lost, those whose face we have never even seen, also for those ones who we do not even know their name.
Have you ever in your life as a Christian prayed for a burden for the lost?? Are you afraid to pray this because you know God will definitely give it to you? Oh that the church would have the same attitude of our Lord (Phil. 2:5), when He yearned over the lost of Israel. I heard recently that Bangladesh has one missionary per every million people, Japan is 0.27% Christian, where is the yearning for these nations to come and give glory to God? Where is the deep desire for these people groups to come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? I know that we cannot do it all, nor does God expect us to do so. Yet that is not an excuse to do nothing, to sit in the pew and enjoy the Christian life without ever getting uncomfortable. I heard a sermon title the other day born to reproduce. It was talking about the Christian life, we are born again to make disciples.
When did we ever lose sight of the fact the the great commission given by the Lord Himself, is also binding on us as well. Do you know that Jesus was talking to you when He gave this commission. This commission has not been fulfilled yet. There 6,775 unreached people groups on this planet. What are you doing to reach them for Jesus??

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