Monday, February 16, 2009

2 John

If you could sum up the 2nd Epistle of the apostle John, in one word it would have to be truth. 6 times John emphasizes the necessity to follow the truth, he goes on to expose what is truth and what is not truth. Whatever happened to talking about truth? Whatever happened to Christians being called people of truth?? The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians that a falling away must come first, that an apostasy will come about. If you are paying attention the apostasy is taking place at an alarming rate. 
I watched the other nite about this "cathedral", and at this cathedral it did not matter whatever religion that you are, just come and worship your "god". One main evangelical preacher has appeared at "Compassion Conference", where Muslims, "Christians" and Jews get together along with Hindus and others to sit down and try and compassionately come to unity. Folks the only way that Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, and every other man made religion can come to peace with Christianity is to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him as Lord and Savior. There is no middle ground, there is no compromise, the only thing that the Christians can do is call these people to repentance and faith in the true and living God of the universe. 
Jeremiah 7:28 says truth has been cut off and no longer can be found in their mouth. How true this is of many so called Christians. Now make no mistake about it, God does indeed love the Muslims and every other person who is deceived into false religion; as the children of God we are called to love these people as well. Yet love is not watering down, disregarding, neglecting, ignoring, or suppressing divine revealed truth. We are called to say what God has said, in a loving manner and let the powerful Spirit of the Living God do His mighty wrk. He is much mightier, and able than we ever are. 
Yet with all of this said, we have been given divine truth, we as Christians have been entrusted with the Gospel, the message which is able to lead one to the One even Jesus Christ who can give eternal life to the dead. Eph. 2 

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