Monday, February 16, 2009

An unholy Agenda??

Karl Marx said that "peace is silencing all of the opposition". Whether we realize it or not this is the direction that the United States of America is heading towards. How can I say that? Because Obama adheres to Marxist philosophy. This country was one that was founded on the advancement of the kingdom of Christ Jesus. The Mayflower Compact which was the document of the Pilgrims that came here states and I quote " Having undertaken, for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Faith...a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia".  I will stop there you can read the rest at

We are systematically trying to remove God from our society, all of this falls in with a socialistic agenda let me explain. Remember the quote I wrote at the beginning of this article, it was from Karl Marx a socialist. He said peace is silencing all of the opposition. This is exactly what Hitler did during WWII. Anyone who disagreed with him, he simply and rapidly disposed of. Who is the biggest speaker against the homosexual agenda?? The church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Opposition is coming against the church, not in overt ways such as Hitler and the Nazi regime. Nevertheless it is coming, in the forms legislation such as the Hate Crimes law. In Canada the Bible has been deemed "hate literature". How much longer brothers and sisters in Christ do you think it is going to be before this becomes the norm here in the United States?? The Hate crimes law is very dangerous legislation when it comes to our freedom of speech. Read about this article at 

Other ways to "silence the opposition", is through legislation such as the fairness doctrine, which explicitly targets talk radio, and seeks to silence it. Why does this not bother us, why does this not worry us? Can you not see the direction we are headed, can you not see what the people of God in this country are getting ready to endure? My best friend in this world said that the other day he downloaded the communist manifesto and this country is following step by step!! They are taking in God we trust off of our money, they built a replica of the White house and in this replica there is a chair where the speaker of the house in the Congress sits. On the back of this chair it has the words "in God we trust". They removed them from this model, and above this model there is a picture where they cropped out  this phrase!! 

What should we do? Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, but I love God and He is awesome in power and glory. What can we do, we need to pray, oh that the people of God would cry out to the Living God and cry out for this nation. When will we ever take God seriously, which is the 2nd thing we need to be doing. Take God seriously, the Bible says that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. You are going to be hated Jesus says for My name sake. So with that said we need to take the Lord seriously, get into His word, turn off that television that consumes so much of our time and molds our thinking, and let the Holy Spirit and His divine Word mold our thinking. 

The Coming of our great and awesome King is closer now than when we first believed. Oh that we would be ready for the persecution that is coming on the church, and more than that oh that we would be ready for the coming of Christ. Even so come Jesus!!!

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