Monday, February 23, 2009

What is your temperature

Jesus says in Revelation 3:16 because you are lukewarm I am going to vomit you out of My mouth. This is where the church is in my estimation. I asked one of my best friends the other night, after he told me a loved one was in the hospital, "are they a Christian"? The answer was I don't know. This person was elderly and from my friends account did not sound good. Here is my question why in the world haven't you found out where they are at with Christ Jesus? 
Church have we become so lack in our devotion that we have just hoped people are Christian, rather than sharing the blessed Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with them? Have we the attitude that we hope they make it to heaven, rather than sharing Christ with them and so they absolutely they can know they are going to heaven. Do we really believe what the Bible says about death, judgement, heaven, hell and who God is? Have we gotten so far away from the Bible that we no longer have a burden for those who do not know Jesus Christ? 
Where is the burden for the lost? Where is the deep longing for those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ to come to saving faith in Him? Oh that the church of Jesus Christ would come alive and that God would shake the world through His people as He has done so in generations past. 

Gracious Almighty God in Heaven, Lord of glory. I love You. Father I confess my lukewarmness and God I confess me trying to play You as if that is even possible. Forgive me my Lord for these sins that I have committed in rebellion and ignorance, for my sins of commission as well as my sins of omission. Lord I want yesterday to take You seriously, to take Your word seriously, to take Your kingdom seriously. God so many days I have woken up and hard heartedly not worried about people created in You image, who You love dying and going to everlasting hell. Lord You desire none to perish help me to desire the same my great and awesome God. From this time forth and forevermore powerful creator and Architect of the universe as well as my heart, i repent and I get serious. Forgive me my Lord I pray for taking so long to do so. In Jesus name and His name only do I pray. Amen. 

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