Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Contend earnestly for the faith...

Many developments and trends in the church are very disturbing to me. Let me introduce myself, I am a Christian. In the Biblical sense, I am not some famous minister, I am not highly regarded, I am just a person who lives the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a preacher of the Gospel, which in my estimation is the highest and most sacred calling one could receive. For a long time I took this calling for granted, yet I have repented and begun to really be in awe that God would call someone like me to preach His word. I am about to go to Taiwan and take the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to this nation, and could not be more excited. Yet as much as I cannot wait to leave this country, many trends that the church is taking are just plain disturbing. 

One of my favorite internet sites is http//www.alittleleaven.com check this site out and look at the atrocities that the "church" is engaging in. What in the world are we doing?? Is this really what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ?? I really do fear for the church in America, I really do fear that God is going to chasten His bride (that I do not fear) what I fear is that this chastening is going to be very refining. It must grieve the heart of God to see His body, His ambassadors playing church. We have taken everything that is holy and somehow put a spin of the world on to it. We feel like the Gospel itself is not sufficient. We may not say this with our lips we sure do say it with our lives. What do you mean?? When you invite someone to church, or share the with someone your faith what does that look like? Are you telling people come to my church they have all kinds of neat programs and they have all kinds of fun activities and oh yeah by the way we are going to worship Jesus a little bit. 

Whatever happened to letting a person know where they stand before a holy and just God? Whatever happened to the preaching of the cross, and the  preaching of Christ and Him crucified? Whatever happened to being not ashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Where is the zeal, where is the passion for the lost, the passion to see God glorified in the lives of people?? Does it bother you that there are people on this earth that do not give God glory? Does it burden you that there are people who are going to die in their sin and spend eternity suffering in eternal hell? Does it bother you that you have the answer to death, you have the bread of life, the very truth of God and we use His Bible to prop up windows, or they sit in our cars or on our coffee tables and collect dust!!?? 

WAKE UP!!! Would the church of Jesus Christ please step up. Would the real, pure, holy bride of the King of Kings even Jesus Christ step up and serve the Lord with a consuming passion, with a zeal that absolutely the world has not seen!!! Contend for the faith brothers and sisters in Christ, beg the unbelievers to be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:20)! Serve, pray, witness, glorify Jesus Christ with your lives!!!

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