Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Bible says confess your sins one to anther. I have some confessions to make brothers and sisters in Christ. I recently have listened to the devil and his demons rather than the Spirit of God and His glorious Word. I have bought the lies of the devil that I am really not in Christ. That God does not love me the way I once thought. That I am running the race in vain. Instead of turning a deaf ear to him as Psalms 38 commands me to I have been paying attention to him and I repent. I have been in such despair lately because I love the Lord Jesus Christ so much and to think of not having the Lord in my life just flat out scares me. I have bought the lie that God has abandoned me when He in fact promises to do the very opposite. I am not as strong as I once thought or liked to believe I was. The thing I am finding is God is the One who is strong, He strengthens the weak, but strength comes from Him. 
God forgive me my Father, for believing the lie instead of Your truth. I love my King, You are so very glorious. 

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